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Starting its journey from JFK in 2000, JetBlue has become a global travel choice. It started with a mission to restore humanity to air travel.

After 20 years, it stands tall as the 6th largest U.S. Airline, famous for its dedication to Inspire Humanity through its extensive culture, product, and top-notch customer service. JetBlue Airline enhances your entire travel journey, from up in the sky to back on the ground.

No matter where, how, and when you travel, JetBlue’s award-winning service and value are with you from booking until the time you’re back home.

With over 100+ destinations flights across the U.S., Vancouver, the Caribbean, Paris, Amsterdam, and more, JetBlue offers comfortable seating options, tasty snacks, live TV, and free Wi-Fi. Their work is focused on three major areas: Brand, Sourcing, and People.

Booking Procedure

Book your travel journey with JetBlue with a simple and user-friendly booking procedure mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines.
  • On the homepage, click the “Book” option and select “Flights” to reserve your seats with the airline.
  • Enter your departure and arrival destination, number of passengers traveling, and traveling dates, and search for available JetBlue flights.
  • The next page will show you all the available flights with different pricing and timing.
  • Select your departing and returning flight by checking the flight timings and fares.
  • Go through the trip summary carefully on the next page and click on “Checkout” after reviewing each detail.
  • Sign in with your JetBlue account or continue as a guest to proceed further.
  • Enter all the passengers’ details traveling with you, such as name, contact number, age, etc.
  • Choose the preferred seating arrangement and any additional service you desire, like extra legroom, any specific food, etc.
  • Double-check your selections and proceed with the payment of the JetBlue airline tickets.
  • Fill in your payment information to complete your JetBlue reservations confirmation process. After payment, you will get an email including your JetBlue flight reservation confirmation.

Baggage Policy

Read the following policy regarding transporting your carry-on bags, checked baggage, extra luggage, etc., as you move between different JetBlue destinations.

  • Every fare covers one personal item, including a purse, laptop bag, approved pet carrier, or a daypack. The approved dimensions for personal items should not exceed 17” L (43.2 cm) x 13” W (33 cm) x 8” H (20.32 cm).
  • You can bring a carry-on bag that can fit in the overhead bin if you have all Blue, Blue Extra, Mint, and Blue Plus tickets.
  • Individuals with Blue Basic tickets have to incur a fee for a carry-on bag.
  • You have the flexibility to include up to 2 checked bags anytime, whether it is during the booking process or when you have reached the airport.
  • An additional charge will be applied to checked baggage if it exceeds either 62” (157.48 cm) in overall dimensions (L+W+H) or 50 pounds (22.68 kg) in weight. The charges will vary according to the routes and type of flight ticket.
  • Some of the sports equipment, such as hoverboards, kayaks, scuba tanks with compressed gas cylinders, etc., are not allowed on any JetBlue flight.
  • Musical instruments more than 99 pounds in weight will not be accepted as checked bags. For larger musical instruments with up to 165 pounds of weight, you might have the option to purchase a separate seat.

Cancellation Policy

Make yourself aware of the cancellation policy of JetBlue Airlines to get insights into the rules and regulations for making JetBlue flights reservation changes to your travel plans:

  • If JetBlue cancels your flight due to any reason and you hold confirmed JetBlue reservations when the cancellation happens, you have the following options:
  • Take the next JetBlue flight available without any extra charges.
  • Get a JetBlue travel credit.
  • Get a refund to your original payment mode if rebooking isn’t possible within 2 hours.
  • Should you decide to cancel or change your flights voluntarily, the ticket will be governed by the associated fare rules, any increase in fare, and applicable charges.
  • In case your flight is canceled or delayed, JetBlue will reach out to you via an automated phone call or email.

Refund Policy

Understanding the refund policy of JetBlue flights enables you to know the guidelines and process for requesting refunds in case of different circumstances.

  • With JetBlue refundable fares, you are free to cancel the reservation at any point before the scheduled departure and receive a complete refund to your original payment method. Refundable fares might not be offered on all flights.
  • If you do not cancel or change a refundable reservation before the scheduled departure, the entire refund will be provided as JetBlue travel credit. The travel credit will be valid for 12 months from the original ticketing date and can be used for future travel plans.
  • For individuals with non-refundable fares, cancellations are allowed before the scheduled departure. However, there might be per-person cancellation charges depending on the booking date and fare option selected. The rest of the amount will be converted to JetBlue travel credit, which remains valid for 12 months starting from the original ticketing date.
  • If you do not modify or cancel a non-refundable reservation before the scheduled departure, the entire amount will be forfeited. This consists of additional checked bag fees, priority security, etc.
  • For travel booking made a week or more before the scheduled departure date, you have a 24-hour window from the time of booking to cancel your ticket without bearing any cancellation fee.


1. What is a JetBlue program called TrueBlue?

TrueBlue is JetBlue’s well-known loyalty program that lets you earn points not only when you travel but also when you make everyday purchases through its partner network. It is absolutely free to join TrueBlue, giving you the opportunity to enjoy several advantages. Plus, by becoming a TrueBlue member, you’ll be the first one to receive the latest updates on new routes, JetBlue deals, and all things JetBlue.

2. Can I travel with my pet on a JetBlue flight?

Yes, JetBlue Airlines allows dogs and cats of small size to fly in the flight cabin with you. Your pet carrier must FAA-approved that you can comfortably fit beneath the seat in front of you. An individual is allowed to carry only one pet.

3. Can I bring holy water or ZamZam water with me on the JetBlue flight?

Absolutely! JetBlue Airline is proud to support all religions and traditions. As a checked bag, you are permitted to carry 1 jerry can consisting of Zamzam or holy water up to 10 liters (2.64 gallons). To ensure proper handling, securely pack the jerry can with a plastic covering to prevent any leaks or damage to other luggage.